We offer 2 types of engraving: Laser and Diamond Drag.
Laser Engraving
Custom Engraving and Logo Engraving Available
Diamond Drag Engraving
Custom Engraving is Available

You can add variables by submitting lists. The most common variable is sponsor or coach names. The "thank you" part of the message stays the same but the recipient name changes (single variable) or the recipeient is matched to a specific team (two variables). You must submit a typed list in column format (spreadsheet ok) to order custom engraving.
Please see price list for all
set up and minimum order specifications.
Plate is etched, cutting into the material.
The thin black top layer is burned away, leaving a smooth surface of gold or silver.
1. All lists must be typed and submitted list by fax, e-mail, or mail.
2. Lists should be accompanied by a diagram showing how the finished plate should be laid out. We reserve the right to adjust lines and copy as necessary to fit the plate size.
3. All engraving is done in CAPITAL LETTERS unless otherwise specified.
  1. Standard font for diamond drag is TIMES NEW ROMAN
5. Sandard font for laser engraving is VIVA STANDARD.
6. Diamond drag engraving stock is black that engraves silver or gold that engraves gold. DEFAULT IS BLACK STOCK if you do not specify gold.
7. Laser stock is black that engraves gold or black that engraves silver. DEFAULT IS BLACK STOCK THAT ENGRAVES GOLD if you do not specify otherwise.
Laser engraving allows us the ability to include logos in the engraving. We generally charge a set-up fee (see price list) for including logos. All logos must be submitted in vector format in black and white as laser does not create color output. Call for a quote for any specific job.

Custom Logo Engraving
(see below)
(see below)
Diamond Drag plates may be exchanged for Laser plates for a small charge-see price list for details.
Diamond Drag
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